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Woollen Carpet Cleaning

Wool Carpet Cleaning by Dublin’s Fine Material Specialists

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    Fast Drying Family Safe Pet Safe
    Asthmatic Safe Environment Safe Non-Toxic
    Future Proofing Moth Proofing Fine Material Experts

    The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning for Wool Carpets

    Wool Carpet Cleaning by Dublin’s Fine Material Specialists

    W understand the importance of maintaining your high-value wool carpets. Wool is a natural fibre that can easily be damaged over time if not cared for. However, with regular comprehensive cleaning your wool carpet can preserve a good pile integrity, vibrant colouring and a fresh appearance for many years.

    Why Choose Carpet Care to Clean Your Woollen Carpet?

    We have, after years of training and experience, accumulated an understanding of wool and its chemistry, meaning we know how to provide the best wool carpet clean in Ireland. We specially import industry leading carpet cleaning products into Dublin from the UK that we trust and recommend and even sell. We employ the correct cleaning methods. We don’t use over powerful, diesel-fuelled, truck-mounted cleaning systems that could burst a wool pile. Instead we use commercial, portable hot water extraction cleaners that administer a powerful clean without the risk of damage. And finally, because of our unrivalled cleaning process…

    The Carpet Care Wool Rug Cleaning Process

    1. Visually inspect for loose knotting, damage, and dye bleed and perform remedial action if required
    2. Agitate the carpet fibre to loosen any dry soiling particulates found throughout the pile of the carpet. Then, repeatedly vacuum using our commercial-strength vacuum cleaners until roughly 80% of the carpet soiling has been lifted.
    3. PH test to ascertain if there are caustics in the carpet from previous cleans – if caustics are present these must be neutralised and the wool inspected for alkaline damage and lanolin content – caustics strip the lanolin which is the wools defence barrier
    4. Test each individual colour on the carpet for dye bleed – testing performed in multiple areas to allow for new spools of yarn and different dye batches
    5. If dye bleed is present (usually caused by PH imbalances), correct bleed, extract excess colour and stabilise dyes
    6. Pre-spray carpet with PH neutral organic cleaner
    7. Gently agitate again to loosen bonded contaminants
    8. Rinse extract with specialised hand tools and acidified water to remove soil – moisture is kept to the absolute minimum to prevent warping issues, wool should be slightly acidic in an optimum state.
    9. Force dry with air rams and dryers

    We Know the Science Behind Wool Carpet Cleaning

    The Carpet Care technicians regularly attended carpet cleaning courses in the UK, and even teach the carpet cleaning courses here in Dublin! We have brought back to Dublin a strong scientific knowledge of many different fibre types, but we have grown to specialise in wool carpet cleaning due to our extensive hand-on experience with this particular fibre. We know that a wool, or more specifically the lanolin coating the surrounded each wool fibre, thrives in slightly acidic conditions. And that wool must never be cleaned with an alkaline cleaning product that could damage this lanolin coating. We also know that because wool is a proteinaceous substance you must never use detergent cleaners with an enzyme content that will slowly break down the very fibres of your wool carpet.

    We Stock Dublin’s Leading Wool Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Through a strong alliance with our sister company Cleaning Warehouse we both import and stock Europe’s leading specialist carpet cleaning equipment. Using heated dual-motor rinse extraction machines, air dryers and an array of specialist vacuum cleaners we are arguably the best stocked carpet cleaners in not only Dublin, but the whole of Ireland. We regularly service and maintain all our equipment to an industry-leading standard to prevent any mishaps occurring whilst out on a job. This is because at Carpet Care we understand that your wool carpet was a costly investment, and one cleaning accident could leave the customer with a large insurance claim. We are, of course, fully insured carpet cleaning practitioners ourselves.

    We Employ the Correct Techniques for Cleaning a Wool Carpet

    When cleaning a wool carpet, you must never scrub the pile, which will result in irreparable pile burst. Instead, when tackling a dirty wool carpet clean one should repeatedly dab and lift any foreign material from the pile. Furthermore, you must always be aware of the backing of your wool carpet: is it made of cotton, latex, jute? The material of your carpet backing determines how much moisture can be safely used when cleaning a wool rug. For example, wool is a generally hydrophobic fibre, whereas cotton is hydrophilic. Meaning each will absorb, retain and evaporate moisture at different rates, which can cause a carpet to physically distort. Therefore, it is vital to ascertain what the backing of your wool carpet is made of, so you employ only the appropriate amount of moisture when cleaning. In conclusion, we will force drying any carpet with specialist ram drying equipment to prevent any‘upwicking’ or unwanted odour production.

    Dublin’s Best Spot and Stain Removal Services

    Inevitably a well-used wool carpet will pick up minor spots and stains over time, and these can become more visible after a thorough clean! However, at Carpet Care we offer Dublin’s most comprehensive and learned spot and stain removal service and can tackle any spots and stains we find whilst on the job. Having been trained in the UK as recently as August 2018 we know the industry leading methods and cleaning products to tackle a huge variety of spots and stains. From wine, to nail varnish, to fake tan we know how to tackle them all. In fact, through our aforementioned sister company, Cleaning Warehouse, we have literally built the professional spot and stain removal packs for carpet cleaners across Dublin.

    Compliment Your Clean New Carpet with Further Domestic Cleaning Solutions

    Carpet Care belongs to a familial network of specialist cleaning companies that are well suited to comprehensively clean may different soft furnishings and valued items in your home. From mattress cleaning to curtain cleaning and even fine rug cleaning we are here to help.

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