Sisal and Seagrass Carpet Cleaning

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Sisal and Seagrass Carpet Cleaning

Sisal and Seagrass Carpet Cleaning by Dublin’s Fine Material Specialists

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    Fast Drying Family Safe Pet Safe
    Asthmatic Safe Environment Safe Non-Toxic
    Future Proofing Moth Proofing Fine Material Experts

    The Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning for Sisal and Seagrass Carpets

    Sisal & Seagrass Carpet Cleaning by Dublin’s Fine Material Specialists

    At Carpet Care we understand the importance of maintaining your sisal and seagrass carpets. Sisal carpets are very susceptible to wear and tear and should be cleaned regularly to maintain a fresh and clean appearance over an extended period. Both these fibres require repeated dry vacuuming passes using the best commercial vacuums to extract any dry soiling particulates present. We also understand the importance of smell. One of the great joys of owning a seagrass carpet, the same cannot be said for sisal rugs, is the fresh basket-like smell that can become particularly pungent in humid conditions. We only use dry compound cleaning products that will not linger and change the unique smell that a seagrass carpet will omit.

    The Carpet Care Cleaning Process for Sisal and Seagrass Carpets

    1. Visually inspect for loose knotting, damage and perform remedial action if required
    2. Lightly agitate the carpet fibres to loosen any dry soiling particulates found throughout the carpets pile. Then, repeatedly vacuum using our commercial-strength vacuum cleaners until roughly 80% of the dry particulate soiling has been lifted.
    3. After this we clean using commercial grade, 100% non-toxic dry cleaning compounds we directly import from our supplier in the UK. These are stronger than their retail counterparts and we know them to safe with pets and children etc.
    4. Gently agitate again to loosen bonded contaminants
    5. Perform three to four cycles of dry compound cleaning to guarantee a comprehensive deep clean

    We Stock Dublin’s Leading Carpet Cleaning Equipment

    Through a strong alliance with our sister company Cleaning Warehouse we both import and stock specialist carpet cleaning equipment. We stock only the best commercial vacuums and commercial grade dry compound carpet cleaning powders. In fact, Cleaning Warehouse is one of the largest carpet cleaning chemical and equipment distributors in Ireland, stocking many carpet cleaners in and around the Dublin area. Also, we take pride in regularly maintaining and cleaning our vacuums, and all other cleaning equipment, ensuring that they work to their peak performance. We are meticulous about the details.

    Because We Know the Science Behind Sisal and Seagrass Carpet Cleaning

    We pride ourselves on being material specialists. Through attending repeated training carpet cleaning courses in the UK, we have brought back to Dublin a strong scientific knowledge of different fibre types. Sisal and seagrass are both natural fibres and often confused for each other. However, we know that both these fibres are made from completely different plants and therefore exhibit different characteristics when being cleaned. Sisal carpets can hold dye, whereas seagrass carpets cannot. Due to the hydrophilic properties of sisal fibres, sisal carpets can be stained very easily, and must not be cleaned with water. As water itself can stain a sisal carpet. Seagrass carpets are hardier and more water resistant, but must be still treated with caution.

    We Can Also Tackle Spots and Stains on Your Sisal and Seagrass Carpets

    Spots and stains on a sisal carpet are going to be a challenge to tackle. Fortunately, at Carpet Care our technicians are arguably the best spot and stain removers in Dublin. As sisal carpets cannot be wet cleaned we will tackle any spot and stains with the up most precision. Firstly, we will remove as much contaminant as possible using dry extraction methods. Afterwards we shall target any remaining staining and discolouration with pinpoint accuracy, using pipettes and cotton buds if we have must, to ensure we are not treating any surrounding unstained carpet fibres. Seagrass is a bit more water and stain resistant but still requires targeted spot and stain removal. We have meticulously removed dog urine stains from a semi-antique silk Persian rug worth over fifty thousand euro in the past: your spots and stains are in safe hands.

    Do You Have a Sisal or Seagrass Floor Mat Instead of a Carpet?

    Is your sisal or seagrass floor fitted, cut to the shape of your room? Or do you have a large sisal or seagrass floor mat or rug. Large sisal or seagrass floor mats are currently a very popular design feature and can be lifted and flipped to be cleaned like you might clean a large rug. Carpet Care belongs to an extended network of sister cleaning companies, including the high-value rug cleaning company RugSpa. We have extensive experience cleaning Sisal and Seagrass floor mats. Our cleaning process is near identical to the Sisal and Seagrass carpet cleaning process outlined above, the only difference being an additional back dusting process. Back dusting involves flipping your Sisal or Seagrass floor mat onto it face and beating the reverse with specialist rug beating equipment. This can allow for up to a 95% removal of dry soil particulates. If you do in fact own a Sisal or Seagrass floor mat we can clean it at our specialist workshop in Rathcoole, Dublin, which will probably result in a better overall clean.

    Compliment Your New Carpet Clean with Further Cleaning Solutions:

    After having your sisal or seagrass carpet cleaned and your home freshened why not consider cleaning some more? Carpet Care belongs to a familial network of specialist cleaning companies that are well suited to comprehensively clean many different soft furnishings and valued items in your home. From mattress cleaning to curtain cleaning and even high-value and fine rug cleaning – we are here to help.

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